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Help Your Child’s Brain Grow

Help Your Child’s Brain Grow

Here are some tips on how to get your child to think critically.

  1. Help your child figure out meanings and relationships in daily events.
  2. Call your child’s attention to patterns in the sensory world. You can ask them, “What does it taste like? Do these two look alike?
  3. Visual patterns are present all the time. Have them look at a tree and ask them if they think the tree branches look like arms.
  4. Give your baby time to organize their toys and play activities.
  5. Allow your child to make reasonable choices whenever possible.
  6. Ask questions rather than explaining what is correct.
  7. At any age, hands-on experience is the first step. Even sorting out laundry or putting away groceries can help.
  8. When your baby asks a question, respond with a question that is just hard enough to make them wonder, but not so hard that it will frustrate them.
  9. If you don’t know the answer, admit it. This gives you the opportunity to show your child that you ask yourself questions and seek information.
  10. Play thinking games together.
  11. Help your child express their feelings and don’t be hesitant to express yours.
  12. Practice allowing your baby to make some choices and experience the natural consequences. Give them a dollar to buy a toy and tell them if they spend it they won’t have any more money.
  13. Have a meal together and talk with your child.
  14. Don’t stop reading to your baby when they learn how to read.
  15. Talk. Listen. Read.Repeat.

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