A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord
Christian Single Mother Week

Christian Single Mother Week

CSM Week

This year will be our first annual Christian Single Mama Week; a week long event to show support for single mothers. CSM Week is a way for everyone- leading companies, nonprofits, celebrities, community leaders, and people around the world – to visbily show support for single mothers! This will be our first year so join us!This event will be taking place a week before Mother’s Day and will end on CSM’s re-launch anniversary!

Here’s what you need to know

Who is invited? YOU !

When is it? May 1- May 8

Where is it happening? Everywhere

This is our first year for CSM Week! Throughout this week, a powerful combination of fundraisers, Bible studies, and social media outreach will engage millions!

Stay Up-To-Date

Be sure to click on “Going” on the Facebook Event page to stay up-to-date on the events below.

Get Involved

Are you a single mother and you want to get involved? I am looking for a handful of single mothers to share their story about how they became a single mother, where they are now, what they are doing and how Christ has played a role in their life. If you are interested please fill out the form below.

For more information about Christian Single Mama see About Me

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