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Mission: Love Yourself

Mission: Love Yourself


100 Day Challenge of Learning How to Love Me and God

For the last 50 days I have been on a mission to learn how to love myself and God and it’s been challenging. I suppose that’s the point in all of this, is to challenge myself in order to heal and grow.  After another failed relationship, I was heartbroken. However something good has come out of it.


I decided that he would be either 1 of 2 people in my life this time. He was either going to be the One when he was ready, because he wasn’t ready.. which, stay tuned for another lesson learned coming soon, or he was going to be the the last one before I met the One. This idea, this truth, this level of faith caused be to look within myself and see what was wrong.


I thought that something was wrong with me because he didn’t want me then and there when I wanted him. While I know now that I was never the problem, I realized that by processing that negative idea and drowning it with positive ideas that I didn’t really like myself. I mean, how could I even think something was wrong with me?

I hated myself. 

And I knew it would only be through Christ and work on my end that this would change and that’s why I started this challenge: to get back to loving me and God.

How’s my mission going so far?

So far so good! God is really shining light on areas that he is healing and on areas that need some work. I need to work on forgiveness and letting things go and I need to ask God to heal me and to help me shed the dead skin off of me. Over the next 50 days I am REALLY going to work on and to be honest, it’s scary and it’s exciting.  I expect for my life and my relationships to be different. I hear that when you learn how to love yourself and love God, like really and truly, nothing is the same.

I can’t wait! 


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