A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord
CSM Story | My Story

CSM Story | My Story

I have shared my pregnancy story, but it doesn’t end there.

This is Christian Single Mama Week and all week long I will be sharing stories of other single mothers who love the Lord.

Here is mine:


Q: How did you become a single mom? 

In short: I was casually “seeing” this young man that I met in college. He got me pregnant my last year of undergrad and at first, I felt defeated. I knew right away that he wasn’t going to be in our child’s life and I felt like my whole life was about to change for the worst. I thought about having an abortion because as a Christian it’s a sin to have a baby without being married. I didn’t want my sin of fornication to be on blast and I didn’t want to deal with the looks and snide comments from church mothers. However, I didn’t have an abortion. In denial, I went to a pregnancy resource center looking to have a pregnancy test done after already testing pregnant on 2 other at home pregnancy tests. Well, the test came back positive and they did an ultrasound and I cried. I was hysterical. I did not want to be pregnant. I did not want to have a baby. I had too much planned for after college. Not knowing that the place that I went to was a Christian nonprofit and they did not support abortions after I got out of the ultrasound room I went and talked to their ED about my options. It was in there that I remembered something my Pastor had said months before then. He stopped in the middle of service and said that God told him that there was someone out there thinking about having an abortion and he wanted them to know that it didn’t matter how the baby got here but to let the baby come. I remembered thinking how I hoped the woman would let the baby come. I shared this with the ED and she asked me if I was going to blatantly be disobedient to God. I said no and I cried! Then she reminded me of God’s promises. She reminded me that God would provide. She reminded me that I was not alone. She agreed that raising a child alone was going to be hard but that the Lord would be my strength. I left there with my head held high but still very scared.

Q: Where are you now?

Fast forward almost 4 years and God has brought me so far and he has not left me yet. 

Q: What are you doing now?

I work at a shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and family violence during the week. My title is DFPS Liaison & Victim Advocate. I help all victims of abuse especially those with CPS involvement get connected to resources that will change their life. I also empower them to live a new life, a better life than the one that they’ve had before. I also run Christian Single Mama and Winn Publications in my free time.

Q: How has God played a role in your life?

God has taken care of Gia and I. He’s protected us and has provided for us. He’s forever my constant. He’s my everything.

As this week goes on, you will learn more about me and Christian Single Mama! Stay tuned

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