A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord
CSM Story | Christ Is My Life

CSM Story | Christ Is My Life

“Christ is my life.”-Vanessa

VanessaI know without a doubt I wouldn’t be able to handle all that has happened on my own. He gets me through EVERYTHING. I have learned over time to just be still and let Him work. Ultimately it’s his will not mine. I do go through the normal feelings of being overwhelmed, lonely, and just flat out crazy. But He’s so much more bigger that. I rest in His provision, promises and comfort. His word says, “My grace is sufficient for you” and it truly is.

If I don’t have Jesus I don’t have anything.

 I became a single mother about 5 years ago. My children’s father and I were together 9 almost 10 years. We met in college. In 2015, he passed away. So not only am I a single parent, I am an only parent. My children are 12, 9, and 6. My son Julian is the oldest, my girls are Destiney and Gianna. Currently I am in a small town in central California, God willing I will relocate soon. Right now, I actually work at my church as an office assistant. I get to see what goes into church life and behind the scenes of it. Sometimes it’s a little tough to handle, but I love it.

When I’m not at work or in church I do the sports thing. My son plays every sport known to man, my daughter Destiney is a soccer star and Gianna is starting her first ballet class soon,  but they know Jesus comes first. I also love to write, cook and journal in my Bible. The Lord impressed it in my heart to turn my testimony and writings into a blog, I’m still working that out. Lol.

Oh, and coffee is bae!

From May 1 to May 8 I will be sharing stories from single mother’s who love the Lord. Come back tomorrow for another one. 

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