Stories of Christian Single Mothers

CSM Story | He Sustains Me

May 6, 2018

I just had to write you and say thank you for your ministry to single mamas like myself. I discovered you this morning on Instagram and have been reading your articles and they are such a blessing. I’m 28, I have 2 daughters ages 4 and 18m. We escaped a dangerously abusive relationship last October. I’ve since been working full time and now have my own apartment with my girls. The Lord has been the only thing that has sustained me. I’ve dealt with post-concussive syndrome and PTSD from abuse, financial fears, major changes in our lives -from being a SAHM to working 40 hrs a week and both of my girls in daycare. And most recently, my ex is fighting for custody of my girls and I learned was sexually abusing my oldest daughter when we were still together. I’ve had so much that I would have drowned in pain and fear had it not been for Gods grace and strength. I pray that your ministry grows and expands to overflowing and you reach millions of single mothers who desperately need to hear your words. I hope to one day start my ministry for domestic violence and sexual abuse survivors. Much love to you and your precious baby and many blessings!

– Danielle

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