Stories of Christian Single Mothers

CSM Story | Holding On Isn’t Worth It

May 7, 2018

My name is Pantera, I am a single mother to my Daughter Ky who is now 9 going on 21. I became a single mother when Ky was 2 years old. It was not the fact that I couldn’t do parenting own my own, it was the fact that I couldn’t do parenting with a father who did not want to be there for his child. I was young and naive, I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. It may sound cliche, but if it wasn’t for Ky and the strength of a praying mother I’d probably wouldn’t be here. I say this because I know I would have committed suicide. I’ve made it this far without governmental help. I’ve made it through my bachelor’s degree, medical assistant certificate and currently in masters degree. I got through this with a praying church family. I was able to open it up and express my fight. I know every single mother has a fight in her and is able to make it. Holding on is never worth it!

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