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My Prayer

My Prayer

I am another year older and another year wiser!

I truly believe that with time, I get better. Just recently I have been coming into my own. I’m taking notice of the things I like and the things I don’t like and I’m cool with it. This is HUGE for me friend! This is a really big deal because for the longest I let lies and negative comments rule my life and keep me boxed up. Then literally overnight something changed. I woke feeling free and unapologetic towards any and everyone who doesn’t like my cup of tea.

Making my way to my mirror, I humbly recognized my beauty, all of my accomplishments and even the things that I am working on in secret now. Then I remembered the Lord and I remembered that he is bigger than my problems and my situations. I thought about the truth that greater is he that is in me than he that is in this world.

Finally! I got that deep down in my soul and it’s guiding me. It’s leading me to get back to my roots.

As I shared on my Instagram the other day, I am a simple woman. I think simplicity is so sophisticated and timeless and classy. For a while I had been trying to copy from other bloggers and popular folks on IG and it wasn’t working for me. SO.. I gave that up and went with what felt right for me and I AM LOVING IT!

I turned 28 years old today and this is my prayer

Dear Lord,

I know that only what I do for you will last and I thank you. I thank you for always being near me even when I couldn’t see nor hear you. God, thank you because of who you are and all of your glory. It is my prayer that this next year I would focus more on you and your kingdom and less of me.

You promised me that if I seek your kingdom first, everything else would fall into place. Lord, I know what’s it’s like to seek everything else first, nothing falls into place and stays there. There is always something going on. We are promised trials and tribulation, but I rest assured in knowing that as long as you are there, I will be just fine. It is my prayer that those that view my blog, or my Facebook, or my Instagram would see more of you and less of me. Lord, I ask that someone would come to know you from my testimony. I also pray that I would grow as mother and that you would prepare me day in and day out to be the mother that my child needs me to be. I thank you Lord for your son.








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