A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord
Source of My Strength

Source of My Strength

The source of my strength is no secret, it’s from God and God alone.

I would say that I am not alone in this sentiment and that may be even you believe the same thing. Christ is the reason that you are able to take care of your children with little to no support. It is not easy, but with Christ it is possible.

With Christ, it is possible to:

  1. Get up early to read your Bible and pray before you get ready for work.
  2. Wake up your sleepy child and get them to daycare or school on time.
  3.  Make it through a trying day at work with people you have a love/hate relationship with.
  4. Come home and cook and get homework out or feed your child a snack before dinner
  5. Sit at the dinner table or on the couch and enjoy a meal together.
  6. Get everyone, including yourself, bathed and ready for the next day.
  7.  Go to sleep and do it all over again.
  8. Make it to Wednesday.
  9. Make it to Friday.
  10. Make it through the week.
  11. Make it through rough seasons.
  12. Make it through blessed seasons.
  13. Make it through seasons of loss and grief.

Where would we be without God?

I think about this question and I wonder about the single mothers who do not know the Lord. If you ask, their strength comes from their kids. You may be able to relate to that, I mean I do too. However, my strength mainly comes from the Lord.

You have to understand that even your children are human and though they may not be adults right now, there will come a time when they will be. There will come a time when your child does something to disappoint you or even disrespect you. Utilizing your children as a source for your strength is not stable because they aren’t perfect. Your children may fail you, but God does not.

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