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Personal Updates

Personal Updates

Were you starting to wonder where I’ve been? I feel like I’ve been so disconnected from reality these last few months. My head was in the clouds and even with glasses on everything looked so foggy. It was no one but God that pulled me through some nights. I mean like, really. Anxiety and depression are no joke. Staying uplifted is a hard job, but God always provides a ram in a bush. He always provides a way out of no way.

And I’m not sharing this for your sympathy, no, don’t feel sorry for me, instead recognize the goodness of God. Scripture tells us to count it all joy when you endure trials. It says for when I am weak, he is strong. It says to seek ye first the kingdom of God. Honestly, I didn’t begin to see clear again until I started putting one foot in front of the other and obey God’s word. 

It happened when I was driving home from dropping my daughter off at school. I thought, “Forget this, God you can have it. I’m done trying to do this on my own. I’ve tried it my way, now what?” and from there he’s been showing me.  

God is so good mama. Life can be hard, but when you hold onto your faith, the hard times always lead to a better place. While I’m not there yet, I feel like I’m getting back on the right track. And I don’t want to make any promises but consistency and contentment are somethings that I am really working on right now.  I hope that you can recognize that sooner or later. 

Otherwise, thanks for having me back. I’ll be in touch. 

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