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You Have The Power To Change Your Present Situation

You Have The Power To Change Your Present Situation

Lately everything has been relating to this idea that you have the power to change your present situation. I think this is because of my personal situation in this season. I feel like I have been humbled and that while I am not exactly comfortable, I am being pressed and molded for something greater. And what I am learning is that if I don’t like where I am, I have the power to change it. Here’s what I mean.

The All Powerful God is in YOU!

Just in case you forgot who you belong to and who lives inside of you. The Creator of HEAVEN and EARTH is with you. You are not alone. All you have to do is call on him. When you are disconnected from the source of your strength you will be weak. When you are fighting a tag team battle and you’re in the ring by yourself and you keep fighting tired instead of tagging God into the ring, it’s no wonder you’re beaten and broken down. When you keep working hard every day, every hour instead of taking a day of rest to do nothing expect to rest in the presence of the Lord, it’s no wonder your exhausted!

Mama, get connected to God, the source of your strength. Tag God in and let him fight your battles. Rest! Rest in his presence. He will give you perfect peace.

When you include God in everything that you do, you will witness a change in your life. This is evident from the different stories in the Bible. Anytime God was involved, something was changed. If you want change, go to the Lord.

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