A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord
Christian Single Mama embrace your differences

Christian Single Mama embrace your differences

Mama, we are all different. Many of us single mothers are in this season of our lives because we made the choice to have sex with a man who was not our husband and he left. Some of us are single mothers because while we did wait till marriage to have children, the marriage did not last as long as we expected. Maybe there are a few of us who lost our husband and visit his grave, or maybe we never had a husband or had sex but we’ve adopted and therefore choose this season as well. Whatever your story is, embrace your difference and don’t be ashamed.

One of the biggest reasons why more Christians don’t share their sins with one another (see scripture in James 5:16- ESV ) is because they are ashamed. Judgment is what many people say scare them aware from the church. They are afraid to come to the light out of fear that someone will judge them for what they’ve done in the dark. Don’t let this be you. Come out of the dark and join the CSM Support Group.

Be restored by confessing your sins and getting wise council from other single mothers who have been where you are. Embrace your difference Mama, don’t let it shame you.

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