Bible Study

Christian Single Mama

May 8, 2017

Happy Anniversary to Us! Christian Single Mamas aims to support single mothers. MISSION  It is our mission to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually with other Single Mamas everywhere. GOALS Encourage single mothers  in Spirit and Truth. Acknowledge and address issues that single mothers face daily. Have a great time sharing as God leads us to. GET […]

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If My Daughter’s Going to Be Like Me

April 20, 2017

It amazes me at how much my 2 year-old daughter strives to be like me! From repeating words that I say to wearing my heels and trying to walk around in them, my daughter’s first ever role model is me, her mom, and while I am honored I am frightened! No, really! I am the farthest […]

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Prayer Journal

Prayer Journal- How to Create One

April 10, 2017

Mama, how do you stay consistent in your prayer? For me, I keep a prayer journal and it works wonders! I’ve been keeping a prayer journal for over 5 years now and when I look back over some of my writings I can’t help but to thank the Lord!

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