Lessons Learned: Benjamin

There are no loses, only lessons learned! 

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Healthy Relationships

There are characteristics that define whether a relationship is healthy or not. Relationships that are healthy have certain traits about them that unhealthy relationships do not. Here’s a list! 1. Slow down! People in healthy relationships know the importance of becoming friends first. Friendships require time; they don’t spring up …

Relationship with God

My relationship with God will set the tone for my relationships with others. When it comes to a relationship, we complicate things way more than needed. If we really understood what it meant to put God first in our life, when it comes to relationships with others, we’d be doing …

Godly Man Characteristics

Is he a godly man? Before you start dating it’s important to know what characteristics a godly man has, some of them are listed below. Humble Gentle Strong Generous Patient Faithful Responsible Truthful Attentive Dependable If a man has majority of these characteristics that’s a start. What’s more important is …