A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord


The mission of Christian Single Mama is to help single mothers. Here I have created a space for us single mothers to GROW closer to the Lord, BECOME better parents, TAKE a hold of financial chaos, and LIVE our best lifes!  

"I just had to write you and say thank you for your ministry to single mamas like myself. I discovered you this morning on Instagram and have been reading your articles and they are such a blessing.I’m 28, I have 2 daughters ages 4 and 18m. We escaped a dangerously abusive relationship last October. I’ve since been working full time and now have my own apartment with my girls. The Lord has been the only thing that has sustained me."

How can I Help you?


My mother told me that sometimes God will take us through a storm, not just for ourselves, but so that when we get through we can reach back and  help someone else.  This is me reaching back.


Being a single mother can be one of the most loneliest times of our life. However it doesn’t have to be. Let’s talk and figure out how we can work together. Whether it be one on one or in an online support group setting. 


Proverbs 12:15  tells us about the difference between a fool and a wise man. The difference is that one listens and the other thinks that his way is the right way. Mama, I encourage you to check out the blog for guidance on parenting, finances and so much more. 

Learning New Tricks

Let us learn new and better ways to live and let’s do it together! Whether you desire to save money, or be a better mother, Christian Single Mama has an answer for just about everything! 

Biblical Growing

We study God’s word not just because we want to have all of those things added unto us, but we study God’s word so that we can grow closer to our Maker and our Friend. 

Get the support that you need today!

Join our online support group and fellowship and grow with other single mothers like you! 

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