God has been using the Ministry of Chrisitan Single Mama in a dynamic way!

We hope to continue to be used by the Lord, therefore here are our goals for the new year!

Since we are currently operating only online, the behavior of our social media numbers is critical to our operation.

  • We want to increase our Instagram numbers from 1,124 to 11,240.
  • We want to increase our Facebook numbers from 235 to 2,350.
  • We want to increase our Website visits from 1,462 to 14,620.
  • We want to increase our Facebook Support Group numbers from 26 to 260.
  • We want to provide at least $1,000 in financial assistance to single mothers who need help with their utility bills.

Regarding Reports

If you wish to see 2017’s Annual Report, click here.

If you wish to donate and partner with the Ministry of Christian Single Mama in reaching and going above and beyond these goals click here.

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