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Hear My Story

ChristianSingleMama.com - May 1

It’s important that you get to know me first and foremost. I want you to know that as a single mother, I too struggle just like you. I want you to know that you are not alone in this season. As the week goes on, you will find stories by other single mothers who love the Lord. if you’d like to share yours contact me today. 

Support single mothers

Facebook and Instagram- May 2

This image is available for you to repost on your Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Why Single Mothers?

ChristianSingleMama.com - May 3

In short, because I am a single mother myself and I have an idea about what it’s like to be in this season. Also, because the stats about single mothers is CRAZY and obviously single mothers are a group of women with a bad rap and therefore go underserved in the World and in the church. 

Who am I? Devotional

All Social Media Platforms - May 4

I will be releasing a message inspired from Day One of Who am I?:5-Day Devotional on How God Sees the Christian Single Mother. If you have not purchased your copy of this devotional consider doing so now! 

Instagram Giveaway

Instagram- May 5

Be sure that you are following  @ChristianSingleMama on Instagram for more details about the giveaway as well as what items are apart of it. You will want to enter for sure!! 

Hope for the single mother

YouTube- May 6

Mama 2 Mama

Soundcloud - May 7

This year, Christian Single Mama aims to provide tangible support to single mothers, won’t you get behind me?  

If you are a single mother and you are looking for support, Christian Single Mama Support Group on Facebook may be for you. 

Can’t give monetarily right now? That’s ok, why don’t you send single mothers in general a greeting, a note of encouragement, to brighten their day. 

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