A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord

Hey Mama, Welcome!

My name is Arilia J. Winn and Christian Single Mama started in, May 2014, just a month before I had my daughter, Gia. I knew that the man who I got pregnant by wasn’t going to be in our life and I struggled. I struggled financially, spiritually, and emotionally and I felt like I had nowhere to turn. However, I knew that I had a call on my life and I was to serve those like me, single mothers and single mothers who love the Lord.

I felt like there wasn’t a place for me in the church or in the World so I created one. Christian Single Mama is a place for single mothers to feel empowered and supported.

Yes, I know first hand that this journey as a single mom is a difficult one. That’s why I am here to give you the tools, encouragement, and support that we need to succeed.

Through providing you with everything from Biblical encouragement to financial assistance, I hope to help you, the single mother, during this season of your life.

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Are you a single mother who loves the Lord? Would you like to fellowship with other mothers like yourself? Join us! 

About The Devotional

Who Am I? 5-Day Devotional on How God Sees the Christian Single Mother is out now! Click here for more info.

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From prayer journals to books that have helped several single mothers get through tough seasons. 

Share Your Story

Back in May 2018, Christian Single Mama had a handful of single mothers who bravely shared part of their single mama story.  We want to extend that opportunity to you, the single mother who loves the Lord.

Our Unknown Journey

"This is what I have called this season. I have learned to understand that God often calls us to step into ‘unknown’ territory as we follow Him. Teaching us to forgive, give away our treasures and give up on things that provide security and pleasure. By doing this we get the results of ‘unknown outcomes’"

I had no one to turn to but Christ

"To be honest I never imagined myself becoming a single mom, but it happened. The day that I found out I was pregnant I cried, but it wasn’t tears of joy it was tears of sadness."

Holding On Isn't Worth It

" If it wasn’t for Ky and the strength of a praying mother I’d probably wouldn’t be here. I say this because I know I would have committed suicide. "

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