A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord

On April 2, 2017, the Lord put it on my heart to get out and reach the people. The people who are falling through the cracks of the church.

Those people: single mothers

I hear the Lord saying , “there is more that I require of thee.” My heart and my soul have said yes! And as soon as I said yes, I felt like Abraham did when God told him that it was going to be he that set the Egyptians free.

I thought, “well Lord, I’ve never done outreach work before.” I thought, “what am I going to say to these women?” I thought, “where would I find them? And when I find them, what am I going to give them?” And even now as I am typing this on Easter Sunday ( April 16,2017),  and editing this (July 28, 2017) I still have a bunch of questions that I know God will answer.

As I prepare to take on this assignment, I am praying and seeking to meet with other single mamas. Women who:

  1. Love God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  2. Have a heart for service
  3. Are a single mama

If that’s you, I’d love to connect with you today!

There are a couple of options, please feel free to utilize one or the other or them all!

Praying Together 

Matt. 18:20, let’s pray together! On Skype, or FaceTime, or by phone, or email. You decide and I’ll pray with you.

Click here to submit your request!


Are you not on the internet often but you are constantly on Instagram? Let’s support one another! It feels good to have someone checking in on you every so often.  To know that you are not alone. To know that someone out there in the world cares about you. I do, I do care, let’s connect!

Send me a direct message on Instagram (@ChristianSingleMama) and let’s begin!

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