A Single Mother Who Loves The Lord


Christian Single Mama was started in May 2014, by Arilia Winn, a single mother who loves the Lord. She knew that the man who got her pregnant wasn’t going to be in their life and she struggled. She struggled financially, spiritually, and emotionally. She felt like she had nowhere to turn. However there was a call on her life and she was to serve those like her, single mothers who love the Lord.

“I felt like there wasn’t a place for me in the church or in the World so I created one. Christian Single Mama is a place for single mothers to feel empowered and supported.” – Arilia Winn

Mama, we know first hand that this journey as a single mom is a difficult one. That’s why we are here to give you the tools, encouragement, and support that you need to succeed.

Through providing you with everything from Biblical encouragement to financial assistance, we hope to help you, the single mother, during this season of your life.

Mama, you are not alone. Run this journey with us starting today!



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