In this 5-Day Devotional, you will learn how God sees you, the Christian Single Mother. You will also learn how different God’s view is from your’s, the World’s and even the Church’s view of the single mother. Author Arilia J. Winn, a single mother who loves the Lord, will help you change your perspective in just 5 days! This devotional also comes equipped with blank pages for you write your thoughts and your prayers daily. 

Goodies Just For You!

I took some time to compile some really cool things about the devotional. They include: a free chapter, a video of me, the author answering questions that you had, and lastly a way to purchase a signed copy with a handwritten note!

About The Author

Arilia J. Winn is a single mother who loves the Lord. In 2014, she launched a blog, Christian Single Mama, to create a space for single mothers who do not have a space for them in the church. Through the use of her creative abilities , she provides Bible based information to single mothers around the World. 

“I’d hope to show compassion to and comfort the Christian Single Mamas that often go overlooked in the church and the World. On this journey as a Christian Single Mama, we will face all sorts of troubles and we will suffer, that’s a given. However we don’t have to go through it alone. We AREN’T alone, God is with us.”

"You are not broken, you are whole."

Quoted  from Author Arilia J. Winn